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David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Fri Jun 22 15:43:40 EDT 2001

[to W3CF]

don't 'accuse' the yccc of using it.  i never heard of it till it was brought up
on here.  and since i don't use writelog i'm not likely to use it in the near

and why attack this new application as being a cause of ethical questions.  what
about single ops that monitor packet without connecting?  or that connect with a
different call than what they are running in the contest?  at least in this one
you are part of a group that all the other users can see who is there and
monitoring.  with the dx spotting network you have no idea who may be

how would it make a group a m/m???  unless maybe the group submits all their
scores under a single callsign as some 'distributed' m/m stations do now even
without this program.

in short this looks like another nice way for a group to share some information,
how useful it may be in a contest i would wonder about.  and since the station
you are looking for would have to be a member of your group i would tend to
doubt that it would be much help finding dx or even qso's.  about the only uses
i can see off hand would be to take hints from what band someone else is on, or
to know what frequency to stay away from for cqing because you know its

basically i would not question the ethics of a computer program, it only
processes information that is fed to it... question the ethics of operators.

Douglas Priest wrote:
> So this would make a single operator into a assisted op, correct?? Or would
> it actually make the group connected into a M/M not within the 500 meter
> boundaries? I think it raises some ethical questions as there is no way of
> knowing if a single op was actually a single op or was using whereru. I see
> from the footer in the demo page that YCCC uses it. Are the rest of the
> clubs using it too? Perhaps I am way out of line here but when I first heard
> of it it didn't sound too copasetic. Anyone from the committee have a
> comment? Having a static IP here would allow me to have a whereru server
> here in a heartbeat :-)  This is news to us.

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