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Mon Jun 25 10:54:26 EDT 2001

At 06:38 AM 6/25/01 -0000, you wrote:
>Well Pete I'm not associated with and don't support any club or team.
>Included is the packet-cluster log. You call it what you want I call it
>"pimping". It is soliciting contacts for W3AO  by members of PVRC to benefit
>PVRC and I believe it should be grounds to disqualify  W3AO.

Well, Mal, I stand by my distaste for your terms, and I don't agree with
your interpretation.  Instead, what I see is a couple of guys who set out
as I did to work W3AO on every band, and who put out spots as they found
and worked them.  In the Washington DC area, PVRC members are the principal
support for the local cluster, and there presumably was an individual
intention to make it easier for others locally to do the same.  I'm telling
you that it was not planned, not organized, and I don't know why you are so
irate, unless it's simply a general annoyance with domestic spots on the
cluster network.

73, Pete N4ZR
No, no ... that's WEST Virginia

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