[CQ-Contest] The best QSOs/hour on SSB/CW

Zoltan Szoke ha5pp at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 25 11:19:45 EDT 2001

Hi contesters,

I am very interested in:

1. Is it possible to make over 300 QSOs/hour on SSB or on CW?

2. Which contest the best for the best QSOs/hour?

3. SO1R or SO2R gives more chance for *the best* QSOs/hour?

4. What is your best QSOs/hour and which contest on?

5. Who gives more QSOs/hour? USA? Eu? JA? 

6. Is it true that USA gives more QSOs/hour 
(bcs the USA's callsigns shorters than Eu's or JA's)?

7. ...

Thank you.


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