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>  I respectfully disagree,   
>  Either radio must be able to be the run radio at any time.
>  This is maximum flexiblity and truely the best use of two radios.
>  Jay, WX0B

Looks like semantics are at play here. Technically any radio can be RUN radio 
or S/P. It is prevalent use of radio that designates it as run. Again, I am 
mainly talking about SO2R on the SAME band, like monoband entry. You don't 
need (can't have) two radios as RUN radios. One CQs, and while it is calling 
CQs, the S&P radio is scanning the band for new ones, being able to get as 
close to the CQing frequency as possible (like abt 4 kHz) without being 
overloaded. In this situation RUN radio and antenna system wants to cover all 
directions. S&P radio wants selective antennas and more versatility in QRM 
fighting. Them new synthesized rigs look pretty pathetic for candidacy for 
RUN radio, too much phase noise. More life for Xtal osc. and VFOs.

But if you operate all band, then it is much easier to run 2R, have some band 
filtering and separated antennas and you are all set. If one is only one 
handed then stacking them radios is fine. I enjoy at the times S&P with both 
hands with both radios, kinda hard to do with stacked radios and crossed 
hands :-)

Yuri, K3BU

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