[CQ-Contest] Stacking - it's not just for yagis 2R 1B

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Wed Jun 27 00:07:40 EDT 2001

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>  I have tried 2R single band operation and I've had limited success
>  using a beverage and vertical 400 feet away from the main tower.
>  Any Suggestions?
>  73,
>  John

Start with polarization diversity antennas (beverages and verticals are vert. 
polarized, separation helps, but not enough), then work on proper orientation 
for favorite direction to minimize own signal pickup, then add phasing - own 
signal cancelling, then selective filtering, then no synthesized TX (phase 
noise), then separation of cables, grounds, crosstalk in switches, and few 
other things. Degree to how close one can get to his own signal is compounded 
by all those factors. WW2Y, W3LPL, CN8WW and others done it, but it requires 
some work, not just plugging the things in. Then you need to work on trainig 
the brain to be like two :-)

Yuri, K3BU

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