[CQ-Contest] Stacking - it's not just for yagis

K3BU at aol.com K3BU at aol.com
Wed Jun 27 00:20:43 EDT 2001

>  I, too, have (had) my right radio as the RUN radio and the left radio as 
>  S&P radio.  However, this thread has provoked me to re-think this setup.  I
>  am right handed, so naturally my "main" radio went on the right.  But would
>  it not make sense to have the *left* radio as RUN, because it is 
>  less often?  That way the S&P radio is on the right and, assuming it is to
>  be fiddled with way more frequently, it can be dealt with using the more
>  coordinated hand and fingers.
>  Obviously this would all be reversed if you were left handed.  Hmmm . . . .
>  .
>  Don
>  WX3M

Well, I am right handed, I learned to send CW with right hand (and "reversed" 
dot-dit) and "learned" my left hand to be the main tuning hand. Also made 
sense with paper logging back then. Now using keyboard it should not matter 
much, but 40+ years of tuning with mainly left hand got engraved in my brain 
and I am not going to "relearned" it now. I drive one handed with left hand 
on steering wheel (habit from days when I held my right hand with my xYL's 
left hand :-) So it is what you got used to. It is subconscious acquired 
skill and it has its "burned in" connections in the brain. 

Yuri K3BU/m

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