[CQ-Contest] My earlier FD proposal

Paul E. Knupke, Jr. pk at ij.net
Wed Jun 27 22:47:11 EDT 2001

> participate.  How much turnout do you think there is for the 
> Simulated Emergency Test that's written up in QST?  Isn't 
> this a similar event?  I've never participated in one, and 
> I'll bet a lot of CONTESTERS on this reflector haven't either.

In Florida few of us participate in the ARRL SET held in October as its
not a good time of the year usually.   In the West Central Florida
Section we do our SET in February or March when we are out of hurricane
season.  I think other areas also do not do SET at that time due other

There aren't any awards for Field Day as far as I know.

I do think the bonus structure and point structure could be simplified.

Even though I am a contester, I don't treat FD as a contest.   I rarely
get in much radio time.  I spend more time socializing and eating!

I go by "live and let live."  If you want to do it serious, go for it.
If you don't, then don't.


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