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Thu Jun 28 11:09:19 EDT 2001

I have always found that the best raw rates are found on 15 meters. The 
reason for this is fairly simple. To achieve 400/hr (SSB)or 200/hr (CW) rates 
and above, you have to have a situation where your signal strength is well 
above the local QRM of the pileup calling you, so you can most efficiently 
handle the calls. This doesn't happen on 20m or lower, and the number of 
slower stations (mobiles, novices, non-contesters) is usually greater on 10 

Yes, Jeff is a machine!  :>)


Will AA4NC

>>>>Hi contesters,

Thanks for all responses.

My opinion, conclusion, etc.:

The 300 Q's/h is no problem on SSB. The new question is over 500 Q's/h. Lots
of *americans* made over 400 already, congratulations to them. Sorry I don't
know that any europians made over 400 Q's/h (?). Japanese record made me a
really big surprise, 480 Q's/h in Japanese language. From these I think that
everybody better in own language than in a learned language (English). Of
course till 300 is no problem, but after the mother language helps for the
high Q-rate/h. It seems to be, a europian will never go higher than 400
QSOs/hour (?)..., (whenever someone able to collect 400 difference stations
from his own country, this is impossible from HA because no 400 enters on
one band in CQWW SSB...hi, but in DL, I, G is possible...) The "CW language"
is equal for everybody so here is no difference between the countries. But
still nobody made 300, the limit is 260 Q's/h. Lots of super hams are over
200, congartulations. Anyway, if somebody is no able to make 300-350 Q's/h
on SSB then he has no chance to win. (Of course he will start from 33 zone
(EA8) with SO2R and with a relativ good station (EA8BH).) I believe an
american has more chance than a europian *on SSB*. But he must be close to
Europe for the low bands multipliers. This is the present. Otherwise if
somebody will want to win on CQWW (on the world) in M/M, M/S, SOAB this year
he (they) must enter from CT3 or EA8 or CN..., D4, S0, 5T...but the last
three will do lots of strong pileups what wrong for the high QSO rate. And
D4 perhaps already is far from Eu (?). But if the propagation will be wrong
then CT3 already is "too up"...hi. You can analyse those on any propagation
software. For example CN8WW's place is better a little bit than IG9A's, or
even 7X is weaker than Morocco. (And there was many other problems..., but
this is maybe an other subject...). Everybody knows that on the CQWW we need
lots of QSOs and lots of MULTs. So count the high QSO rate (only 3 points)
which is comes usually from USA, supposadly more than 50-100 QSO is the
difference / hour. The maximum rate is 200-240 from Eu. In M/M and M/S
category always should be important an USA op who is able to catch more over
400 Q's/h from USA and a JA op who is able to catch more over 400 Q's/h from
JAs. Also interesting that the best QSOs/hour born on 10 meters. Perhaps, on
15 meters. (Why?) In SOAB category Jeff, N5TJ put the scores to the sky with
EA8BH, I wonder who and when beat him. There are many super operators but
Jeff the best, the genius. Unbelievable his non plus ultra power. CQWW SOAB
SSB/CW world record, WRTC2000 (with K1TO)..., what else, is it possible

Thanks for co-operation.


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