[CQ-Contest] The best QSOs/hour on SSB/CW

CT1BOH - José Carlos Cardoso Nunes ct1boh at mail.telepac.pt
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Hi Will

It does happen on 20 or lower.
Rates above 200 can be done on 20 and even on 40 or 80.

I had a 254 hour on 40 from 9Y4H during CQWW CW 96
I had a 255 hour on 40 from P40E during CQWW CW 97
I had a 224 hour on 40 from P40E during CQWW CW 98
I had a 226 hour on 40 from P40E during CQWW CW 99

and all above working mainly european.

José Carlos Nunes

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> I have always found that the best raw rates are found on 15 meters. The
> reason for this is fairly simple. To achieve 400/hr (SSB)or 200/hr (CW)
> and above, you have to have a situation where your signal strength is well
> above the local QRM of the pileup calling you, so you can most efficiently
> handle the calls. This doesn't happen on 20m or lower, and the number of
> slower stations (mobiles, novices, non-contesters) is usually greater on
> meters.
> Yes, Jeff is a machine!  :>)
> 73,
> Will AA4NC
> >>>>Hi contesters,
> Thanks for all responses.
> My opinion, conclusion, etc.:
> The 300 Q's/h is no problem on SSB. The new question is over 500 Q's/h.
> of *americans* made over 400 already, congratulations to them. Sorry I
> know that any europians made over 400 Q's/h (?). Japanese record made me a
> really big surprise, 480 Q's/h in Japanese language. From these I think
> everybody better in own language than in a learned language (English). Of
> course till 300 is no problem, but after the mother language helps for the
> high Q-rate/h. It seems to be, a europian will never go higher than 400
> QSOs/hour (?)..., (whenever someone able to collect 400 difference
> from his own country, this is impossible from HA because no 400 enters on
> one band in CQWW SSB...hi, but in DL, I, G is possible...) The "CW
> is equal for everybody so here is no difference between the countries. But
> still nobody made 300, the limit is 260 Q's/h. Lots of super hams are over
> 200, congartulations. Anyway, if somebody is no able to make 300-350 Q's/h
> on SSB then he has no chance to win. (Of course he will start from 33 zone
> (EA8) with SO2R and with a relativ good station (EA8BH).) I believe an
> american has more chance than a europian *on SSB*. But he must be close to
> Europe for the low bands multipliers. This is the present. Otherwise if
> somebody will want to win on CQWW (on the world) in M/M, M/S, SOAB this
> he (they) must enter from CT3 or EA8 or CN..., D4, S0, 5T...but the last
> three will do lots of strong pileups what wrong for the high QSO rate. And
> D4 perhaps already is far from Eu (?). But if the propagation will be
> then CT3 already is "too up"...hi. You can analyse those on any
> software. For example CN8WW's place is better a little bit than IG9A's, or
> even 7X is weaker than Morocco. (And there was many other problems..., but
> this is maybe an other subject...). Everybody knows that on the CQWW we
> lots of QSOs and lots of MULTs. So count the high QSO rate (only 3 points)
> which is comes usually from USA, supposadly more than 50-100 QSO is the
> difference / hour. The maximum rate is 200-240 from Eu. In M/M and M/S
> category always should be important an USA op who is able to catch more
> 400 Q's/h from USA and a JA op who is able to catch more over 400 Q's/h
> JAs. Also interesting that the best QSOs/hour born on 10 meters. Perhaps,
> 15 meters. (Why?) In SOAB category Jeff, N5TJ put the scores to the sky
> EA8BH, I wonder who and when beat him. There are many super operators but
> Jeff the best, the genius. Unbelievable his non plus ultra power. CQWW
> SSB/CW world record, WRTC2000 (with K1TO)..., what else, is it possible
> more???
> Thanks for co-operation.
> 73
> Zoli
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