[CQ-Contest] Best QSOs per Hour on SSB and CW

Warren C. Stankiewicz nf1j at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 28 18:25:23 EDT 2001

What still impresses me were some of the rates some people could put up
before the computer made it's ubiquitous presence in every contester's

I think it was around 1991 or 92 when Carl ran an average of 180 an hour for
46 hours in DX Phone, logging on paper...

And if there's ever a museum dedicated to contesting, it would have to
include some of K3ZO's famed monster-sized dupe sheets.

Doesn't make me a dinosaur, does it? Nyah. But think of what it would be
like if all the PC's in our shacks stopped working at 2358Z.

warren, NF1J/6

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