[CQ-Contest] Re: [3830] CQWW SSB AA4V/KP2 M/S HP

Ron Wetjen wd4ahz at gte.net
Thu Nov 1 14:31:58 EST 2001

What I posted, was off the top of my head.

The following was also brought to my attention ...


(b) The third party may participate in stating the message where: 

(2) The third party is not a prior amateur service licensee whose
license was revoked; suspended for less than the balance of the
license term and the suspension is still in effect; suspended for the
balance of the license term and relicensing has not taken place; or
surrendered for cancellation following notice of revocation,
suspension or monetary forfeiture proceedings. The third party may
not be the subject of a cease and desist order which relates to
amateur service operation and which is still in effect.

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