[CQ-Contest] New Ops?

Pietro pietromtf at tin.it
Thu Nov 1 23:08:19 EST 2001

Hello Friends,
i have some questions to make to everybody have an answer.

What is the way to promote Contests through novice Hams?

Do you have any novice ham in the team during a Contest?

- IF YES.    What is his role in the team?    Do you think that is the way
to will be a good op?

- IF NO.    Why?    What do you think is necessary to do, for a novice
contest Op, to be a good Op in the MS or MM team?

Please answer on the news-group
Thank you in advance for your attention.

See you in Contest!

Pietro - IK4MTF (IU4T)
@ IR4T - CQWW SSB 2001

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