[CQ-Contest] NA PTT and FT1000

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Nov 2 22:33:12 EST 2001

I know - I shouldn't cross post messages...but heah SS is a half day
away....subscribers to these reflectors should be able to answer my query!


Fabricated the K8CC

"back of the NA manual circuits"

for CW paddle usage of NA as keyer..also, included the PTT function in the
same box as long as I was at it...without the PTT attached to the rig, the
keyer and memory buttons work vfb - my CW will be at the same speed whether
I use the paddle or the keyboard - nice...BUT:

When the PTT line is connected it does indeed close the PTT line during
x-mit cycle - BUT - the CW keying ceases to work....I can hear the sidetone
on the computer calling CQ but the rig is no longer being keyed....a memory
will cycle and the relays will clack shut but no keying is occurring.

If you have run into this and have a solution please e-mail ASAP - I leave
for the contest station early Saturday!

Thanks...close but no cigar...one of these years everything will work come
4:00PM local on SS CW weekend!


Long Live CW!

Jim, K4OJ

You will take my Bencher paddle away from me only after you peel my cold
dead fingers from it!

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