[CQ-Contest] WAEDC SSB High Claimed

Bernhard Buettner wae at dl6rai.muc.de
Sun Nov 4 22:16:26 EST 2001

Hi Contesters:

High Claimed Scores for both the CW and SSB leg of the WAE DX Contest 2001
are available at the following URL:

CW:  http://www.darc.de/referate/dx/fedcw1c.htm
SSB: http://www.darc.de/referate/dx/fedcw1s.htm

Final results will be available around December 1, 2001 for CW and 
January 10 for SSB. Hope to see you in WAEDC RTTY on November 10/11!

73 Ben, DL6RAI
[] Bernhard (Ben) Buettner, DL6RAI - Manager, WAE DX Contest
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