[CQ-Contest] re: SS observations ( kinda long)

Jeffrey Clarke ku8e1 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 06:45:23 EST 2001

  KI9A wrote :

  Well, I sit here Sunday night after another fun SSCW.  I can't help
to ponder if (when?) the CAC may change the SS rules to help cure the
Sunday doldrums.......

 I totally agree with Chuck's comments. After spending last weekend
running guys at 200 + and hour at PJ2Z I had practically no motivation
to go do Sweepstakes and maybe average 60 or so an hour. ( even less on
Sunday) I was planning on maybe doing a SOLP but opted to just go to
W8AV and help out in his multi-op. The only reason I got on was our
club was trying to win the medium category. I'm sure I am not alone.

 With amateur radio going to no-code licenses the Sunday doldrums
 (on CW)is going to get even worse in years to come......

                          73's Jeff  KU8E

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