[CQ-Contest] Dupes: to work or not to work

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i have gotten into the habit of logging and wking all dupes....it takes less
time than arguing abt it (especially on cw) and it gives the log checkers
more data to wk with................

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> I know this issue has been beat up before, but I had some experiences this
> weekend in SS that made me rethink my own position on it. I had a number
> people (at least 4) refuse to work me because they thought I was a dupe. I
> wrote down their calls and went through my log afterwards, and found
> in it that was even close. It seems to me that there are probably 3
> why a "run" station might think someone calling him is a dupe:
> 1. He truly is a dupe. The S&P station either is using paper logs & does
> know he's calling someone he's worked already, or else he is ignoring his
> logging software when it tells him so. (BTW, TR-log, which I use, will not
> allow you to work a dupe when you are S&P mode - it erases the entry and
> puts you back at square one).
> 2. The S&P station has busted the call on a prior QSO.
> 3. The run station has copied the S&P's data when S&P was actually calling
> someone else on an adjacent frequency at some earlier time in the contest.
> This is especially likely to happen if the S&P station is not sending the
> call of the station he's working before his exchange. I was not doing so
> 1st, but modified my S&P exchange midway through the contest so that I did
> so from then on.
> For the run station, only one of these is really a dupe. For possibilities
> and 3, you are NOT IN THE LOG and you are at risk for penalties if you
> the prior QSO! And there is no way for you to tell which situation
> at the time. So here are my suggestions:
> 1. When S&P'ing, ALWAYS send the call of the guy you are working along
> the exchange.
> 2. When running, go ahead and work the apparent dupes who call you. If you
> don't, it could come back to bite you when the logs are checked!
> I'm open to any other thoughts on this subject, if I'm overlooking
> something. Flames will be ignored.
> Alan NS0B
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