[CQ-Contest] SS observations (pretty long, too)

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this is over simpification?  if so i wud like to see ur un-simplified

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> Hi, Everybody,
> I can't believe what I am reading! Let me over-simplify what I've heard so
> as to give you a chance to correct me. What I'm hearing is, "Contests are
> fun unless I am making contacts as fast as I can. If I am in a contest
> causes me to have periods when I am not making contacts at this high rate,
> will consider not participating." Is that really what you mean?
> Man, I pity you. I would have said that you needed a new challenge, but I
> realize that a challenge isn't really what you want. You want it to be
> *easier* to run up your score. A full-on QSO gold mine for 30 hours. A
> domain Bart's head of activity. No finesse, no cunning, just a melee on
> bands at all times. The cookie jar's always full. There's a full tank of
> ethyl in the car. The Las Vegas-strip-on-New-Year's-Eve of contests. A CW
> Jerry Springer show.
> Yep, this is the MTV generation, all right.
> Besides, Sunday is too much work, right? You know: who wants to sit there
> and have to dig out all these puny, S&Ping low power guys with lousy
> signals? I have gobs of DSP and IF shift and buttons, but it's such a
> to actually *use* all that stuff to dig out that weak guy in... again...
> again... again please... aw, heck, he's in LAX and I still only have half
> his call. Push F1 again. And God forbid that *I* am forced to S&P once in
> while. That's for the little guys. I'm a big gun. Other people come and
> Me Me Me on My frequency.
> You ought to see me operate the SS. You wouldn't be able to tolerate it:
> with a dipole. Yet it's because of guys like me that you win. And I gladly
> hand out some contacts, usually twice a year (but not this year due to
> business travel.) I'll try to get on in two weeks for you. If you don't
> to listen for me on Sunday, quit early and save yourself the mental
> punishment of having to (horrors!) sit through four or five CQs before I
> answer you or (horrors!) having to go S&Ping to look for me.
> You make the SS shorter and, for people like me, it's a net loss. Let's
> it: the SS is difficult for lots of folks and they'll simply never operate
> it. I notice the slowdown at the end too and I either adjust my operating
> time or live with the consequences. It's just part of the data that go
> forming your SS strategy. Every single station last weekend was subject to
> the Sunday slump, yet why did one station make more contacts than all the
> others? Did he magically manufacture stations to work during the slump?
> I will say that if it comes down to choosing between continuing to do
> something you're not really enjoying and spending time with the family,
> seems like an easy decision to make. You'll *never* regret pulling the
> on some meaningless contest for that. I commend Chuck for recognizing
> Now, if you want to talk injecting a new challenge into SS, I can help you
> with that. Question is, have you got the intestinal constitution for it?
> (For example, see my previous post
> http://lists.contesting.com/_cq-contest/200012/msg00216.html ).
> The Sweepstakes is about multitasking at incredible speed, quick
> flawless technique, excellent equipment, and zen-like band sense, but it's
> also about outsmarting the other guy with your educated guesses and tricks
> gained over many years, knowing when to be patient, and endurance.
> Okay, I know this is flamey but I also know you won't take me too so
> seriously. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
> Al  W6LX
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> >
> > Well, I sit here Sunday night after another fun SSCW.  I
> > can't help to ponder
> > if (when?) the CAC may change the SS rules to help cure the
> > Sunday doldrums.
> >
> > Before you begin to write the flames to me, think about this
> > for a bit. If it
> > wasn't for all of the QRP guys S&P'ing, & the big boys with
> > SO2R, I would
> > have even less of a run. Heck, I'd be S&Ping all Sunday!
> > Before you say " it
> > would turn into a big NAQP",  lets think about the
> > difference. NAQP- 10
> > hours. SS 24. You have 2 shots at hitting open bands during
> > SS. NAQP, only
> > one.  Make multiple Q's with same station. Keep MULTS the same.
> >
> > Ok, so it'll kill all previous SS records. So what? WPX has
> > changed. Today,
> > we have so, so much in life to do, competing with radio, not
> > to mention
> > sitting in a chair all weekend, that us, as contesters, need
> > to make it
> > inviting as possible. I am one of those. I have another
> > expensive hobby
> > (passion) that not only competes with radio contesting money
> > & time. Old
> > cars. I restore them. I cruise them. I show them.
> > Oh yeah, did I mention Family time?
> >
> > I love contesting. I really dig SS. But, it seems every year,
> > I have a
> > tougher time keeping my butt in the chair all day Sunday,
> > maybe a slight
> > tweak in the rules is in order?
> >
> > Let the flames begin!
> >
> > 73 & CU in SS SSB
> > Chuck KI9A
> >
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