[CQ-Contest] New NCJ Column - Need Your Inputs!

PaulK5AF at aol.com PaulK5AF at aol.com
Tue Nov 6 09:14:13 EST 2001

To All:

I've been selected to write a new column for NCJ -- "Contesting on a Budget",  it's focused on getting the most bang for the buck, and is dedicated to improving competition especially for those who may not have the resources to build a super station, but want to be as competitive as possible.

I welcome comments from all, I recognize that both Big Guns and Small Pistols have helpful hints for saving money.  Here is a "heads-up" for the March-April topic, I am using the exact verbiage as it will appear in the January-February edition of NCJ:

"We've all given a lot of lip service to encouraging young blood to enter our contesting world. I'd like to kick off the column with a very simple exercise.
A newly licensed lad of 17--let's call him 'Justin' --got hooked on contesting during the most recent Field Day and Sweepstakes events. He wants to build a station of his own. He already has a memory keyer, a mike and a personal computer. His folks have told him that due to his impending college expenses he can spend no more than $1000 on station building. His house is on a typical suburban lot without covenants. His lot has trees and is well suited for wire antennas or a modest tower and beam. What advice should we give Justin? Should we tell him to forget it, and guest op? Is it possible for Justin to get into the game for under $1K? How should he allocate his dollars? What other advice can we give him?
I'm looking forward to your responses!"

Thanks, Paul K5AF

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