[CQ-Contest] Posting packet spots in SS

Dennis McAlpine dennis.mcalpine at verizon.net
Tue Nov 6 09:45:40 EST 2001

I also enter SS as an "Unlimited" entry.  My reason for doing so was to make
sure that I ended up with a Sweep.  With my antenna, a 5-band vertical, a
lot of guys will not call me so I can often miss a section or two.  I think
my rationale for being on packet is the same as most SSers.  Thus, for me, a
spot of just a call and a frequency is meaningless without the section.  I
will admit that on SUnday afternoon I did start using spots for new contacts
regardless of section.  Bottom line, I wud prefer spots to have a section
but any spot is better than none.
Dennis K2SX
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> Here is a note that will no doubt generate some response.
> I entered SS in the Unlimited category, so I obviously wanted lots of
> spots during the entire contest.  The more the merrier, so to speak.
> So in my desire for spots, I decided to post lots of spots.  Hoping, of
> course, for others to do the same.  As I tuned the bands looking for new
> ones, I routinely hit the alt-F3 key with each and every station up and
> the bands without bothering to post their Sections.  Since I was moving
> quickly and mainly posting CQing stations, I didn't even know their
> Here is the problem:  I got not one but two messages from a WD8
> that I was not posting the Sections.  He says that what I was doing "makes
> sense".  Fortunately, other's jumped on him, with one guy telling him "if
> it's new, work it"!
> Well, IMHO, what I was doing makes a great deal of sense. I was feeding
> Unlimited boys the fodder they needed to support their category, and
> for other's to do the same.
> In posting spots, I don't feel that I have an obligation to supply any of
> contact information.  (Although, I know that others would love to know the
> Section in their search for multipliers.)  Heck, others could even argue
> posting the Precedent and Check; wouldn't that be helpful?
> I would like to know others' opinions of this issue: Should any
> other than the station's call and frequency, such as Section, be included
> with the spot?  Have there been any standards established for contest
> postings in general, or for SS in particular?
> 73, George, K5KG
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