[CQ-Contest] SS Question

Tom Osborne w7why at harborside.com
Fri Nov 9 02:03:34 EST 2001

Ron Wetjen wrote:

> In other words, if you have to change something, make sure the >previous QSO's show the "old" exchange ... and QSO's after the >change show the "new" exchange.
> It sounds like as long as the log checking software can match >things up, no one will get penalized.

That makes good sense.  I think it's hard to decide exactly what
class to be in (for us casual OF's) until the contest starts.  No
sense running the amp when QRP works, or visa versa.  I started
with my amp on but soon found it wasn't needed.  But I still kept
sending "B" even tho I was running low power.  This contest is
made for LP.  Amps aren't needed most of the time.  Just about
all the loud CQ'ers were 20 to 40 over S-9 here.  That tells me
that the amount of power they are running is excessive!  I know,
I know, propagation-but there's still an awful lot of really loud
signals out there.  73

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