[CQ-Contest] Realtime Scoring Site

Gerry Hull windev at inetmarket.com
Fri Nov 9 12:19:19 EST 2001

Hi fellow contesters,

I am the guy who created the initial version of the live site,

I had (and have) one main goal in mind for contestlogs.com:

Expand the sport to include a new group of participants.   Contests will
not be around forever if the same bunch of people are involved. This new
aspect brings another interesting context to the sport.   And, it
provides a view into contesting for anyone with a WWW browser.

Those who think that pubishing your score (and optionally mulltiplier
totals) is going to put you at a disadvantage, then you are going to
"lose" anyway.   Any competitor looking for a top-ten slot is not going
to make a change in strategy based on someone else's score.   It might
help in motivation, but you certainly are not going to change bands, etc
based on a score or multiplier summary.  (Remember, you cannot derrive
the other station's band strategy from SUMMARY information.)

Although we did not have that many participants during ARRL CW SS or
CQWW SSB (About 15 peak), I did receive some very positive feedback.
Smaller stations told me that they watched our VY2SS score grow
exponentially during the contest and were enspired to work harder.  
This is just the effect I was looking for.

Beyond realtime results, I want contestlogs.com to be a repository for
after-the-contest log analysis and reporting.  That will be a good
teaching tool.   The contesting community will determine the success or
failure of this project.  Your suggestions are more than welcome!

The first clients I built have little security.  However, the next round
will have a full set of security measures to allow only the callsign
owner to post scores.   Additionally, I am adding features so that you
can expose your score to a "selected" group, such as your contest club.
This is a contester request, however, I prefer showing scores to
everyone to peak interest in the general amateur  population. 

I am happy to work with any contest logging 
vendor to implement a realtime interface to the web site.


Gerry Hull, W1VE/VE1RM
Owner, contestlogs.com and Leaderboard Live!

> I'm really keen on the real time scoring website concept.  I hope
> we see all the major logging software adopt some standard way
> of providing output of score/rate... whatever it takes.  I can see
> the security/bootleg/believability issue,  but wouldn't it be a great
> draw to the sport to have a real time score board?  Rate graphs,
> history, etc... and at the end there would be an instant online
> "3830 scores" file to look at.  Discussion?
> Rich, KA8OKH
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