[CQ-Contest] PCI i/o cards

Clive Whelan clive at gw3njw.fsworld.co.uk
Sun Nov 11 13:51:07 EST 2001


This may be somewhat off topic to this reflector, so I crave 
your brief indulgence.

I have a PCI 2 serial , 1 parallel, add on i/o card, allegedly 
manufactured by "Mentor", although there is no indication of 
this on the item itself.

The chip is an iTE 8872F made by ITE USA inc, probably in 

I am now convinced that I do not have the correct driver, and 
installation of the card under win98 has proved impossible.

If anyone has knowledge of this card, or perhaps has the correct 
driver, I would be please to hear via email to avoid clogging up 
the reflector.


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