[CQ-Contest] Excel analysis of Cabrillo logs

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Sun Nov 11 13:26:41 EST 2001

now that Cabrillo seems pretty well settled in as the general contest
format of choice, I thought it would be good to develop some Excel tools
that could used to analyze Cabrillo logs.  To my surprise, this has proven
very difficult for me, particularly in the area of calculating short-term
rates.  I'm no Excel jock, but I've spent quite a number of hours plowing
through books, and have gotten nowhere.

Has anyone already developed such routines that they'd be willing to share?
 I would be happy to edit a compendium of Excel tools for log analysis and
make them available on a web site I manage, but I clearly lack the Excel
knowledge to develop the analytical routines myself.


73, Pete N4ZR

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