[CQ-Contest] Using the Array Solutions SO2R Master with FT1000MP and FT1000D

Mark Bailey kd4d at Radix.Net
Sun Nov 11 12:30:49 EST 2001

Hello all:

I'm having an odd problem with using the Array Solutions SO2R master
with an FT1000MP (Radio A) and FT1000D (Radio B).  These were configured
for CW, using computer PTT and keying, and TR-Log software.

The problem is in switching receive audio.  In "Automatic", when
transmitting on Radio A (FT1000MP), the receive audio should switch
to Radio B.  This works fine if the PTT is unplugged from Radio A.

With the PTT plugged into the FT1000MP, the receive audio doesn't
switch to radio B when the FT1000MP is transmitting.  The LED's
don't look right when Radio B is transmitting...they both stay

This acts like the FT1000MP is actually driving the PTT line low
(as seen by the SO2R master) for some reason.  Keying both radios
works fine.  During CW SS, I just switched the received audio
manually and everything else worked.

Has anyone else seen this?  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance and 73.

Mark, KD4D  

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