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Nzharps at aol.com Nzharps at aol.com
Mon Nov 12 10:05:27 EST 2001

Hi Jacques..glad to hear that CN will be available during the CW weekend.

Not sure how the airline people will be in F and CN, but on my trip to PJ2Z 
last month carry-on bags were x-rayed as normal, but all were told at my 
embarcation point (Cleveland), "if you have a laptop computer or other 
electronic equipment, take it out."   The message was to get ready to show us 
that it really is what you say it is.

Upon arrival in PJ2, my carry-on (with no electronic gear) and checked 
baggage were both opened. This was a random check as they did not pull 
everyone out of line.  My 70 lb. hard sided suitcase stuck out and off I went 
to meet the smiling customs people.   I was carrying a radio in my checked 
bags.  The customs official looked it over, demanded to see license/operating 
permission.  After showing the paperwork and some discussion between two 
other customs people, I paid $50 duty and was allowed to go.  

My advice would be to have plenty of documentation and be prepared to show 
everything works.  It was also suggested to me by someone to even carry ham 
radio magazines to show customs people what you will be doing.  The recent CQ 
mag with WW CW results that has the A61AJ crew on the front would be a great 

Have a great time and hope to work you 6 bands from K8AZ.

Ron, K8NZ

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