[CQ-Contest] Re: Experience from travelling contesters

Göran Östman sm4dhf at telia.com
Mon Nov 12 19:18:53 EST 2001

Hi Jacques and everyone else,
just got home after two weeks in Costa Rica including CQWW Phone. Iwas =
carrying an ICOM IC751 and and
a laptop in a pilotbag + a small backpack as handluggage and all the =
rest including power supply, PK232 modem,
tuner, headset, keyer and cables in the suitcase.
Tracelling from Stockholm via Amsterdam - Miami to San Jose I did not =
have to show my equipment once.
Passed about 10-12 security checks with the handbags and only once did I =
have to open the backpack and had
to remove the battery from my camery and put it in the suitcase.
They can be hard on some airlines if you carry more than one handbag, =
but I never had a problem.
Heard from other hams in TI that it is very difficult to carry antenna =
pieces, difficult or impossible to check in also as=20
special luggage but have no experience myself.

My only problem was the bad weather from the hurricane that delayed =
departure with 15 hours and then had another delay of 8 hours=20
in Miami ... it took 44 hours to get home.

Good luck in the contest Jacques

SM4DHF Goran
sm4dhf at telia.com

Hi contesters

Half way between SSB and CW is the best time to get returning experience =
those who travelled to exotic multiplier places for SSB.
As I leave F 10 days from now to go to zone 33 for a S/All HP entry in =
the CW=20
contest, having to take a FT-1000 MP, Alpha 87 and a laptop in my bags, =
need some advice on what can be tolerated in my carry on. After dramatic =

09/11, the airlines check in counters and then carry on X-ray machines =
officers are to be passed.
Some shared experience on how it happened 2 weeks ago would be =
Is a FT-1000MP + laptop really too much as carry on, even if it fits (no =

extra !) in the normalized maximum allowed luggage size ?  Yes, a bit=20
overweight, I confess !

Thanks for your help and CU in the contest, if I can get through !

Jacques, F6BEE / CN2JS

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