[CQ-Contest] CQWW SSB P40A SOSB/20 HP + Long Comments

p40a at iguanavilla.com p40a at iguanavilla.com
Tue Nov 13 20:57:27 EST 2001

                      CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: P40A
Operator(s): KK9A

Class: SOSB/20 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 43

 Band     QSOs  Zones  Countries
   20:   4700     37    147
Total:   4700     37    147  =  2,550,000

Club: Society of Midwest Contesters

Comments:  I operated this contest for my second time from Aruba.  This time
was from a home I purchased earlier this year which I named Iguana Villa.  I
had shipped some Rohn 55G tower sections to Aruba prior to our trip and had
a local contractor install the tower base.  I  left on a flight from Chicago
a week before the contest with my fiancee, her 15 year old son, her father
and over 400 pounds of luggage.  Our first flight (6:00am) was canceled due
to a broken plane.  We boarded another plane and this flight was also
canceled because it was broken also.  We then boarded a third plane and
arrived in Miami too late to make our Aruba flight. We eventually made it to
Aruba with all of our luggage later that evening.  During the next several
days we installed four sections of tower with a 20 meter beam on top.  I ran
some temporary guy wires to a nearby fence wall. Aruba is very windy so I
was limited on tower height with these poor anchors.  Future plans include
heavy duty anchor posts and more tower height.  I was very busy this trip
and I did very little operating other then during the contest.  I made less
than 100 QSO's  before the contest.  I operated 20m single band which is a
grueling band, but I enjoyed the challenge.  During the day everyone went on
10m and 15m, so rates were slow.  When those bands closed everyone went to
20m, causing too much QRM to hear the weaker stations.  Fortunately the
equipment worked well and I'm pleased with my score, although I was weak on
multipliers.   I took the antenna and rotor down Monday morning after the
contest to save it from Aruba's harsh environment.  Also while in Aruba I
worked on my windsurfing skills, which are at nearly beginners level.  I
certainly wouldn't win any windsurfing contests!  We also had fun enjoying
the island's many restaurants and attractions.  The flight home was also
eventful.  Anything battery powered is prohibited as carry on luggage in
Aruba, including cameras, clocks and my PC with my contest logs!  This led
to a very unpleasant exchange of words. My PC and camera were taken from me
at this security point and returned when I boarded the flight.  Also this
plane broke leaving us on the runway an extra 40 minutes. We then missed our
connecting flight out of Miami home.  Aruba is a fun place and a great
contest location.  We had a great time and I'll be back in February to work
on my windsurfing and tower a little more.  My villa is available for
rentals, see my site at www.iguanavilla.com.  KA9FOX will be updating my the
site soon with more pictures.  There are no antenna's or equipment at the
villa yet, just a 40' tower.


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