[CQ-Contest] IC-765 audio problem help?

Doug Smith W9WI w9wi at w9wi.com
Thu Nov 15 00:08:00 EST 2001

Anyone else ever had the receive audio power amp in an IC-765 die?  

This Monday morning, when I went to plug the 'phones in the audio level
dropped to almost - but not quite - nothing.  I already had an interface
wired to the phone patch jack for PSK-31, so I hooked it to an old boom box
instead and the audio at that point is fine.  (and indeed I could really
operate that way indefinitely, as the 20 or so Europeans I've worked this
week on 10 meters could confirm<grin>)  

I don't *think* it's a problem with the headphone jack but can't really rule
it out yet.  I'm just wondering if there's some other "standard failure" in
that circuit in the '765.  
Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View (Nashville), TN EM66

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