[CQ-Contest] IC-765 audio problem help?

don.chisholm at home.com don.chisholm at home.com
Thu Nov 15 22:51:36 EST 2001

Icom America has published their factory troubleshooting and maintenance
history for their rigs (even obsolete) on their website.


I had a PLL problem with my IC-765 a year or two ago and was able to confirm
the symptoms through their troubleshooting guide and document the problem
more completely when I shipped it to Bellevue for repair service.

I hope this might help.


Don Chisholm
dchishol at oakland.edu

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> Anyone else ever had the receive audio power amp in an IC-765 die?
> This Monday morning, when I went to plug the 'phones in the audio level
> dropped to almost - but not quite - nothing.  I already had an interface
> wired to the phone patch jack for PSK-31, so I hooked it to an old boom
> instead and the audio at that point is fine.  (and indeed I could really
> operate that way indefinitely, as the 20 or so Europeans I've worked this
> week on 10 meters could confirm<grin>)
> I don't *think* it's a problem with the headphone jack but can't really
> it out yet.  I'm just wondering if there's some other "standard failure"
> that circuit in the '765.

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