[CQ-Contest] Posting packet spots in SS

Dallas Carter ludal at dmv.com
Thu Nov 15 20:30:29 EST 2001

With all due respect to those who wish to COMPETE in the SS, U is one of the
categories.  Personally, I choose to operate B on CW and U on Phone.  I
care for phone SS that much, but want to support my club aggregate effort.
operating U, I can provide spots for club members that may be even less
to turn in a moderate score.  If they have this data then they have their
own personal
challenge to get as many sections as they can while having fun.

Of course, if you are trying to be extremely competitive in a mode that you
then you work everyone you hear and the sections just come.  It costs Q's to
searching for them.  I was trying to be extremely competitive on CW, but I
really competing with myself, trying to improve my skills and station
IF I choose to use packet, I can still compete with my previous performance,
that's what I did before.

I think that some of us get off the thread (section ID on SS packet spots)
and start
attacking what others do to have fun.  If you don't care to use packet, then
by all
means don't.  Don't condem George and I to SS pergatory for enjoying the
OUR way.

73  Dallas  W3PP

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