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Mon Nov 19 17:01:58 EST 2001

> Talking about adult behavior. Why don't you read and understand the fa
> and frustrations and not be so judgmental.  I have in fact 8 emails wi
th CQ
> magazine's Managing Editor Gail M Schieber going back to 1997 where sh
> promised to take care of this "right away". 

You didn't have success other than getting vague promises and you 
insist the same way 8 times, possibly with the same individual ?
I admire your perseverance, I'd already given up, or may be changed 
system or target to obtain what I want so much.
Anyway, I stay that a limited number of bad events can't be 
representative, beeing a bit symptomatic when the same bad event 
repeatedly occurs to the same individual.

Mauri I4JMY 

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