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Tue Nov 20 08:30:25 EST 2001

I also don't believe that the rules make it required to send the 
information in a specific order - or that the callsign need to be 
part of the "exchange" (the exchange being identified as the 
transmission where you send your QSO number, precedence, check and
section).  I had a number of QSOs with people who weren't in the 
contest - and had to pull the information out of them piece meal.
I didn't feel any obligation to say "Okay, please send me all of
that information again in one transmission."

As far as what the value of sending the callsign in the exchange,
I think there is a good case to be made to include the callsign
in the exchange.  This transforms your exchange into a CQ, so that
a station tuning in might stick around and call you when the QSO 
is complete.  He can figure out if you are a dupe or not, and be 
all ready to call you for another QSO.  One of the best ways to 
get a good rate, is to have stations calling you without having to
CQ again.  Eliminating your call from the exchange is probably 
reducing the number of times this will happen.

Another reason to include the call is because people are expecting 
it.  Perhaps they weren't sure of your call and need to hear it again,
or because the 20 people they just worked all sent their call, they
are expecting it again and get confused when you send the number.  
This could result in them needing to request your check and section
again - which would take more time than sending your call.

I like to hear people send me their call as well.  I have heard it 
once, perhaps with some QRM from other stations calling - and with 
the crackerjack log checking that is used in the SS, I know that if
I get the call wrong, it will result in the QSO not counting and
a penalty.  

So - hopefully, people will realize that not sending the call is 
probably a bad idea - regardless of what the rules say.

73 Tree N6TR

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