[CQ-Contest] Re: [frcc] Retribution for frequency stealing?

LX1NO lx1no at arrl.net
Tue Nov 27 12:27:39 EST 2001


This happens to me very often, especially from Eastern European countries
but also some big-guns from the US did it. All of them were always very loud
and I do not believe they could not hear me, well, unlike they just got a
transmitter and no receiver hooked up.

I keep track of what happened and how it happened. I don't remove the QSO
if they called me before but they will not make it into my log when they
call me after the incident. I may have lost some points/multis but after
who cares. It's a hobby.
Nor would any of these "persons"/clubs ever get any QSL card if one would be

I always ask them to QSY, gently, but most of the time they pretend not to
hear me. Strange enough, after a short time, they move. Why? Did they hear
my weak signal and decided to go away ?

My 2 cents.

73 Norby
Norbert Oberweis (LX1NO/LX9EG/KM6RY)    mailto:lx1no at arrl.net
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> > Hi all,
> >
> > This weekend in the contest, a certain multi in Eastern 
> Europe started 
> > CQing in my face, on a frequency I was running on for at least an 
> > hour.  There were no pauses on my part to give any indication the 
> > frequency was not occupied. Condx were excellent
> > (Sunday) and I'm sure I was as loud there, as he was here.
> >
> > Since I had a good night's sleep when the bands died, and I wasn't 
> > trying to win anything, I decided to stay and fight for my 
> frequency. 
> > It took about 20 minutes of CQing in each other's faces 
> before he went 
> > away. I was able to work some stuff with my 250 Hz filter and APF 
> > cranked in. He didn't work much of anything.
> >
> > This same station did the same thing to me in last year's contest!!
> >
> > So, what I am thinking, is to remove his 4 or 5 QSOs from 
> my log, so 
> > he'll lose 4 or 5 times 4 worth of QSO points (original QSOs plus 
> > penalty). Whaddya think?
> >
> > 73,
> > Barry W2UP
> >
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>From Carlos Diez <kekodiez at racsa.co.cr>  Tue Nov 27 12:55:31 2001
From: Carlos Diez <kekodiez at racsa.co.cr> (Carlos Diez)
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 06:55:31 -0600
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Station Available ARRL 10M
Message-ID: <000201c17802$79789d60$e14028c4 at b6h8y1>

Due to a last minute cancellation the TI5KD contest station is available for the ARRL 10M 2001.
If interested, please Email to   ti5kd at qsl.net 
Carlos (Keko) Diez
Visit my website at www.qsl.net/ti5kd

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