[CQ-Contest] Retribution

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 29 22:47:11 EST 2001

I'm a little disappointed that a relative 'big-time' contester would even
consider falsifying a log, let alone for petty reasons like frequency
fights. This isn't exactly the role model we should be presenting to

I'm glad that others have spoken out against this, for several reasons:

1. Shit happens. Deal with it.

2. Your perception of reality isn't necessarily the complete picture. We
have experienced several episodes of weird 20-meter propagation where
stations that come absolutely booming in here are entirely unable to hear
our TX. VY1JA knows all about one-way prop. It would be hard to fault
someone who can't hear us for capitalizing on what sounds to him like a
clear frequency.

3. There are so many ways that QRM can happen (bumping the tuning knob,
working split by mistake, forgetting to turn off the RIT) that there's no
way to know it's deliberate unless he comes right out and admits it: "Oh
yeah, buddy. Well I'm calling CQ an' you can just go sit on a ground rod."

4. There is no distinction that can be drawn between log falsifications that
fradulently increase score or those that reduce score. A false log is a
false log and should only be classed as a check log at best.

If you want to put him in the doghouse for future contacts, so be it. But
falsifying a log seems to me to be trying to make a right out of two wrongs.
The main difference from your second wrong and his first is that there's no
doubt you KNOW what you're doing.

If offending station's CQ was as long and tedious as has been suggested,
then it's clear the fellow really doesn't know what he's doing. Perhaps some
education is in order before resorting to punishment. It would certainly be
a better way to encourage what sounds like a novice to stick around.

73, ve4xt

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