[CQ-Contest] CCCC 23 hz RTTY Contest so far

Andrew J. O'Brien obrienaj at netsync.net
Sun Sep 2 13:33:26 EDT 2001

Logs from around the world are being to arrive for the third Chautauqua
County Contest Club's (CCCC) digital contest.  Those wishing to view claimed
scores, and some of the comments, can go to

There are also several comments regarding the use of 23 Hz RTTY for
contesting, resulting from the CCCC Contest, on the RTTY reflector at
rtty at contesting.com  and on CCCC's digital radio reflector at

The surprise so far has been that there were several hams out there toiling
away in PSK31 mode.  The fact that this was to be a 23 Hz RTTY only contest
was announced 6 months ago , but I am guessing several contesting sites
might not have revised their listings.  QST was notified of the contest many
months ago but for some reason the did not list in the contest column.
Anyway, to accommodate those that worked hard in PSk31 mode, I have
established a section for their scores.

The comments from participants have been on the difficulty in tuning this
very narrow form of RTTY, similar to the comments that were received during
the dress rehearsal a few weeks ago.  We are happy that the contest sparked
some interest in how 23 Hz RTTY may be used and that several software
developers have taken an interest in this area.  Thanks to Bob (of Zakanaka
and Logger) fame for putting up the 9K2 station in Kuwait for the contest.
The inclusion of 23 Hz RTTY in Zakanaka (via MMTTY) and Bob's urging of hams
to try 23 Hz RTTY were the primary reason we used this mode for the third
annual CCCC contest.  Thanks also to Mako JE3HHT (MMTTY) and Nick UT2UZ in
Ukraine (MixW)  for adding 23 Hz

It was nice also to see that Costas Krallis SV1XV in Greece (using special
call SW1XV)   made al E-QSL Cards for the CCCC contest.

Thanks to All,  keep those logs coming.


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