[CQ-Contest] JT1BG Needs Help

Ken Claerbout K4ZW at Staffnet.com
Sun Sep 2 17:07:03 EDT 2001

  Greetings - as some of you may have seen from the Topband Reflector, I'm
heading over to Mongolia in a couple of weeks to help Chak JT1CO with
antennas at his new QTH.  I've been speaking to Baator JT1BG, Chak's right
hand man, and during the course of one of our conversations, he indicated
that he is currently without a usable amplifier.  His Russian made model is
dead but he does have access to a Kenwood TL-922 at the club station.  It
however, needs a set of 3-500 tubes.
   I wonder if anyone might have a set of 3-500's, new or used, that are
laying around and that they might be interested in parting with. Donating
them is certainly welcome or a reasonably priced set of GOOD used tubes
would also be great.
   I'm sure another active zone 23 station would be welcomed by all of us
who are getting ready for the upcoming CQWW Contests.  Please contact me
directly at K4ZW at Staffnet.com if you can help out.

Ken K4ZW

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