[CQ-Contest] Statistical Analysis

Mark Beckwith swca at swbell.net
Mon Sep 3 10:07:36 EDT 2001

Dick Green (WC1M) said:

>I've always been interested in how top USA contesters compare in terms of
>accuracy and have wanted to do some sort of analysis. Given the fairly
>dramatic shuffle in ranking between the claimed scores and final results for
>CQWW CW 2000, I thought such an analysis would be useful to everyone.

FWIW I found Dick's analysis interesting.  It was good of Dick to take something
we all visualize in our heads when looking over the results and put it into
black and white.  What I learned by looking at it would be: I want to see the
same information for other years too, and find the "trends."  It would reveal
some interesting stuff.

I took the time to make it into a WORD .doc (where you can read it across the
page) and parked it on the web:


For anyone who wants to look at it.

Mark, N5OT

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