[CQ-Contest] Computers, Keyers and Kenwood repairs

Bob Naumann - N5NJ n5nj at gte.net
Wed Sep 5 23:43:09 EDT 2001

> 1) Who do you use for Kenwood repairs that does a good job at a fair
> (I am located in Connecticut and would prefer someone in my region if
> possible).

Clif Holland, KA5IPF
Owner, "AVVid", an Authorized Kenwood and Icom Service Center
For more info go to: http://www.avvid.com

Clif is here in Texas, but does quality work, is honest, and is very

> 2) I am thinking about buying a used IBM ThinkPad laptop and a couple of
> low-end Pentiums.  I want to use them with CT and I want to be able to
> them.
> Q's"
> A) Does the IBM ThinkPad have two serial ports and an LPT port?  If not,
> can I use them with CT and linked with another computer?

No.  they have one serial and one LPT.  Use Ethernet to network your

Or learn how to use one computer and really get into SO2R.

> B) Any serious reliability problems with exiting Windows to run CT in dos
> from an IBM ThinkPad?

None.  Boot DOS instead of Windows.  The YCCC website has an excellent
tutorial on how to do this.

> C) Do the low-end Pentiums typically have two serial ports plus an LPT
> or should I plan on using some other system to link the computers?  (I
> assume Ethernet, but I know almost nothing about it).

It depends.  Most only have a single serial port and one LPT port.  The
second serial "port" is usually tied up in the internal modem which you
should remove and throw away.

Also, many of the newer Pentium boxes only have PCI bus sockets so you
cannot use your old multi-I/O cards.  PCI ones are much more expensive and
not too common.  $70 is the going price for a PCI 2 serial, 1 LPT card.

Ethernet is not hard to learn for CT use.  Read all the documents K1TTT has
written on it and download his NETTSR software that makes it all happen.

> 3) My old AEA CK-2 keyer recently died   ;-(    What would you recommend
> a replacement as an excellent keyer, with analog speed control and
> reasonably immune to RF?

Logikey K-3.

> Thanks for all your help!

Your welcome!


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