[CQ-Contest] Computers, Keyers and Kenwood repairs

Robert Shohet kq2m at mags.net
Wed Sep 5 17:59:48 EDT 2001

Hi guys,

Three questions:

1) Who do you use for Kenwood repairs that does a good job at a fair price?
(I am located in Connecticut and would prefer someone in my region if

2) I am thinking about buying a used IBM ThinkPad laptop and a couple of
low-end Pentiums.  I want to use them with CT and I want to be able to link


A) Does the IBM ThinkPad have two serial ports and an LPT port?  If not, how
can I use them with CT and linked with another computer?

B) Any serious reliability problems with exiting Windows to run CT in dos
from an IBM ThinkPad?

C) Do the low-end Pentiums typically have two serial ports plus an LPT port
or should I plan on using some other system to link the computers?  (I
assume Ethernet, but I know almost nothing about it).

3) My old AEA CK-2 keyer recently died   ;-(    What would you recommend for
a replacement as an excellent keyer, with analog speed control and
reasonably immune to RF?

Thanks for all your help!


Bob KQ2M

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