[CQ-Contest] Contest Special Operation Info Submission Form

Bill at ng3k.com Bill at ng3k.com
Sat Sep 8 07:13:52 EDT 2001

Hello again, folks.  Following up on my Sept 6 message:
  Subject: "Fall/Winter 2001-2002 Contest DXpeditions".

I received a suggestion from Jim, AD1C, that I create a Web form
to facilitate Dxpedition  information submission for forthcoming
contests.  I've now done so.  You can find the form at:


Please feel free to use this form to submit your data.  Again, the
deadline for having your information appear in the Nov/Dec NCJ
is Sept 20.

Thanks go to Jim for making the suggestion and to all of you who
have so far submitted your operations.  Links to my lists of operations
in forthcoming contests can be found at:




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