[CQ-Contest] Re: IR cans?

Rich Dailey, KA8OKH okh.npi at gte.net
Sat Sep 8 02:25:07 EDT 2001

>Does anyone have experience of using IR ( i.e. cordless) cans in 
>the RF environment?

I've used several different brands - also a few of the 900mhz types -
with no rf problems whatsoever.  But I never run more than 100w.

I would think that unless it gets into the audio line from the rig,  it should
by it's very nature (IR) be rf-proof,  no?

I particularly like the 900mhz units since they are not line of sight as the
IR units.  Very convenient for those "rest" periods in the other important
room of the house.

Rich, KA8OKH

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