[CQ-Contest] WTC, Tesla Cup cancelled

K3BU at aol.com K3BU at aol.com
Thu Sep 13 13:54:05 EDT 2001

Dear fellow contesters,

Just like pictures and movies do not do the justice to the beauty of Grand 
Canyon, in the same way pictures and TV do not do the justice to horrors of 
WTC and Pentagon destruction. It is horrific!!! 

I had tears of anger when Soviet tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia in 1968, I 
have more tears seeing the magnitude of destruction in lower Manhattan.

We are canceling this year's running of Tesla Cup Contest and asking 
contesters having ability to help in NYC area or elsewhere to help with 
relief efforts. Now as the cleanup, digout and rescue operations are on the 
way, it is only the beginning of horrors to unfold. Ham VHF nets are being 
activated and the help is needed with overloaded comm circuits into 
Manhattan. Please check into 147,000 PLL 136.8 repeater. There is a need to 
relieve people, need for relief material, coolers, blankets, T-shirts, etc.

On the personal note, I was worried sick when my wife was on the way to NYC. 
They were on the bus in the Lincoln tunnel when it happened. Eventually she 
made it on foot to the office around 11th St. Got her home Wednesday 4 pm. 
Rest of our family are all OK. As a true spirited Newyorker, she went to NYC 
this morning again.

Please pray for those thousands who lost their lives and for safety of those 
still alive there. I hope we did not lose too many hams and contesters there.

Yuri, oK3BU

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