[CQ-Contest] Alabama QSO Party

Allan & Bridget dxcc at dbtech.net
Mon Sep 17 23:04:50 EDT 2001

Hi All!
Just wanted to remind everyone that the Alabama QSO Party will take place on
September 29 from 18:00  - 00:00 UTC (and thanks to K4BAI for already
mentioning this).  We hope to have several rover stations on as well as
participants at their homes from across the state.  I realize that this
coincides with the Texas and Louisiana QSO Parties, so hopefully a lot of
county swapping will be going on.  =)  If you are interested in more
information you can visit http://web.dbtech.net/~dxcc/rules1.htm for the
complete rules and a list of Alabama counties.  There is also a brief
summary of rules in the September QST.  If there are any questions please
feel free to e-mail me.  This is the first time that the Central Alabama
HF/VHF Contesting Club has sponsored this event, so we are hoping to make
this an enjoyable experience (as well as a first dry run for better
improvements next year!).  Hope to hear you on!
Bridget, KS4YT
for AI4AA
dxcc at dbtech.net

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