[CQ-Contest] M/M with MULTS Stations

IT9GSF Fabio Grisafi fgrisafi at tin.it
Tue Sep 18 02:05:41 EDT 2001

Hello from Italy,

a friend in Italy told me that all the stations during the CQWW contest =
can use a maximum of 1500 Watts output and that
the maximum power is not yet related to the maximum legal power... or =
better, the maximum usable power is the legal power
when it doesn't exceed 1500 W.

My question is.... what about stations using different amplifiers with =
different antennas fed by the same exciter ?

For example, a station can have Antenna 1 on 20 mts to the JA direction =
with 1000 W and Antenna 2 to the USA
direction with 1200 W. Is this station legal or not ?

If you consider the E.R.P. minus the antenna gain the power will not =
exceed the maximum power to any direction, but if I
use 5000 W to a dipole I will not be legal but my signal strenght will =
be lower, but I will have a very large target area.

Personally, I don't believe that power is a primary task for contest =
winners... first you should consider other factors as
antennas, propagation, operators skill, etcetera....and then power if it =
is not 100 W.

Expecially in a MULTI/MULTI, to have six 3 KW amplifiers with power line =
problems due to the excessive power cosumption
is not so competitive as to have six 1 KW amplifiers well running =
without power problems.

Now, please, let me say that this time we are preparing the CQWW =
Contests from IG9A and we are not so happy because of
the brutal attacks we had in New York and Washington (I say WE because =
it was an attack to the umanity and we think that
american people should know that they are not alone.  Personally, I do =
have some money in the NYSE, NASDAQ but I
didn't change because they (the terrorists) want we do that. I hope the =
world awake and react with peace and progress.
(This was the name of a communist radio in the 70s and 80s, but I am not =
communist, HI HI).

So, I wish to thank all those friends that are working to make the IG9A =
2001 effort a real thing !

We see many hams all over Italy (but USA and Europe too !) working on =
antennas, software, interfaces, radios, cables, towers,
rotators, filters, beverages boxes, power splitter, amplifiers, and so =

We plan to use special phased antennas this year with different heights =
over the sea.

The CQWW adventure is, of course, a full year effort !

Also special thanks to Antonello, IT9EQO, President of ARI-RG, for his =
support and Flavio, IV3TMV, for his hardwork in antennas,
all the friends from M.Capra Contest Group (IQ4A) and all the MCC, =
Marconi Contest Club, members and Giorgio, I2VXJ.

Thanks also to Mario, I2MQP, for his support, again this year, in being =
our QSL manager.

Some of the operators will be 9H1EL, 9A6A, SV8CS, I4VEQ, I4TJE, I4EAT, =
IT9CHU, and others coming from many parts of the world.

We are still looking for a high speed pile-upper for 15 or 20 meters =
band operation. If you are a well known contester send an e-mail
to my personal address... you will receive an application form with some =
skill questions.

I wish to excuse me with some contesters that have already sent their =
application, if you didn't get an answer from me, please,
send an other e-mail (we had some problems with an e-mail account).

See you during the CQWW RJ RTTY Contest.... we will be QRV from =
Lampedusa Island, African Italy, as IG9A M/S, with YL2KA,
YL2CW, and other operators that will drive all over Europe by car to =
reach Lampedusa.

Best 73 and CU IN TEST,
Fabio, IT9GSF...................one of  ( I G 9 A ).

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