[CQ-Contest] WRTC

Zoltan Szoke ha5pp at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 19 12:16:26 EDT 2001

Dear Contesters!

In these days I have been thinking about WTC and WRTC... Please let me 
speak about WRTC...

First of all, my favourite contests CQWWs, CQWPXs and IARU + WRTC. (I 
think that I am not alone...)

I think that the WRTC is the Olympics of the HF Contesters. Two 
operators (representatives) as a  team runs tactical 20 hours in IARU 
contest (24 hours). There is special rule(s), usually they can use 2 
radios 100 W (no contact between them (?), and *no SO2R or 2O2R 
freestyle*) with a 3 ele. tribander and with a windom antenna on five 
bands (80-40-20-15-10 m CW-SSB)).  (Plus they can fight with CW and SSB 
pile-ups by computer...)

I would like to suggest a new category (or more: HP, LP, QRP, A) on to 
CQWW contests (and IARU). Similar to CQWPX's (e)TS (Tribander/Single 
Element ) category but *without 160 m*. This category(ies) gives more 
chanches to a better preparation for WRTC. I am interested in CQWW 
Contest Committee's and Your opinions.

I have a question to The WRTC2002 Organization and to YOU: How can we do 
*even chance* for the WRTC teams? I mean is it possible to stop that 
trend how "country prefers own country"? Does anyone know any 
solution(s)? I wish good luck to The WRTC 2002 Organization.

Thank you!


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