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> I cringe at K7LXC's suggestion of substituting stainless for the TB-3 
>  bolts.  Anyone who has ever had one of those yucky Ham-M mast clamp 
>  gall up the nut and snap off would probably agree.  

    I would always suggest anyone installing SS nuts and bolts to use a small 
amount of anti-seize on the threads to prevent galling. Yes, tightening SS 
hardware is susceptible to galling if you don't use any anti-seize. 

>  Stainless is pretty, 

    And doesn't rust.

>  but some of it is not very strong. 

    Your comment was that you're not using the TB to hold all the weight with 
your technique so in this case 'not very strong' isn't an issue. In any case, 
SS hardware is plenty strong enough for TB applications even with aggressive 
antenna/mast installations. 

>   I question whether the stainless would 
>  work very well in the aluminum (or whatever alloy) of the TB-3 bearing 
    What would be the problem? Dissimilar metals? No problem there. The 
threads are standard so that's not it. I will continue to use SS hardware 
whenever I need something to last outdoors.

    Like Dave said, the Allen screws in the pillow blocks will rust solid in 
a couple of years and then you've got some semi-major problems if you ever 
want to separate the mast from the TB.

    The only really acceptable outdoor hardware is either SS or hot dipped 
galvanized. Zinc plated U-bolts and nuts and bolts are pretty common (even 
supplied by antenna manufacturers) and are okay but not as good as the two 
highly recommended materials. 

    If you're not sure about a material or piece of hardware, just leave it 
out in the backyard for a couple of months and see what happens to it. If it 
starts to rust, heave it over the back fence and look for something better. 

Cheers,    Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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