[CQ-Contest] What RF voltage OK at Rx in SO2R? THANKS

Jerry Flanders jflanders2 at home.com
Mon Sep 24 12:10:19 EDT 2001

Thanks for the help, guys. Looks like I can safely get on with QRP and work 
up from there. The antennas iI will use initially are 150 feet apart, one a 
fixed horizontal dipole and the other a fixed vertical dipole. I will try 
to measure voltage in several configurations for reference. If I get 
anything that might be useful I will post it here.

Again, thanks and 73

Jerry W4UK South Carolina

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>     Subject: [CQ-Contest] What RF voltage OK at Rx in SO2R?
>     I am trying to set up for RTTY SO2R and have two
>   questions:
>     1. What voltage levels can solid state rigs safely
>   tolerate from nearby
>   tx?
>     2. I read about guys using stubs as well as filters in
>   SO2R. How much of
>     this is just to protect the rx hardware, and how much is
>   there to improve
>     normal rx on band A while tx on band B is underway?
>     I would like to avoid smoke testing the rx front ends on
>   my FT-1000D and
>     IC-756PRO if possible. I intend to measure actual voltage
>   present on my
>     (well separated) rx antennas while transmitting and
>   determine from that if
>     I actually need protection, and to what degree. This is
>   aside from the
>     question of rx overload, which I can see for myself once I
>   get it all in
>     actual operation. My immediate goal is to see if I can
>   safely tx w/o smoke
>     before I start working with stubs or filters.
>     Jerry Flanders  W4UK

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