[CQ-Contest] What RF voltage OK at Rx in SO2R?

Tom Osborne w7why at harborside.com
Sun Sep 23 11:49:22 EDT 2001

"i4jmy at iol.it" wrote:

> Effective pass band filtering ahead of RX, and harmonic >suppression at TX side (stubs) work quite efficiently in this >direction.

Hi All

Could someone point me to a site which shows how to build stubs,
install filters, etc for SO2R.  I'm trying to upgrade the station
here as I'm having some interference problems.  Man, I remember
on field day once, we had 2 Drake TR-4C's sitting on the same
table and you didn't even know the other one was there when
operating!!  Not so with the "new and better" equipment we have
nowadays.  73

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