[CQ-Contest] Output pad for running QRP?

Rich Dailey, KA8OKH okh.npi at gte.net
Fri Sep 28 03:14:00 EDT 2001

The best way I found (with Icom radios, anyway) is to inject a small
voltage into the ALC jack.  With Icoms it seems to be 0 to -4 vdc,  with
-4 volts completely shutting down the output on my 765 and 746.  Other
brands probably vary.  I built a 9v battery supply - voltage divider
with a 10 turn pot - and it allows me to accurately set output to run QRPp
(100mw).  Hope this helps -

Rich, KA8OKH

>What is the best way to attenuate the output of a 100w transceiver to
>achieve 5w output?  My current radio puts out around 10 watts when the level
>is at the minimum.

Rich Dailey, KA8OKH - Phyllis Dailey, KB4NPI

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