[CQ-Contest] Stacking Force12 anteannas question

K7bv at aol.com K7bv at aol.com
Fri Sep 28 01:53:01 EDT 2001

I have been tossing aluminum into a pile in the backyard for a couple years 
in anticipation of finally putting up a modest station so I can once again 
get on the air from home instead of only on weekends as somebody's guest op. 
I haven't had that pleasure since causing daily chaos on the bands as KZ5M in 
the late '80s.

I would like to stack the following antennas on a single mast but need advice 
regarding stacking order and the closest spacing I can get away with.

Force12 antennas
Strike Force 4BA - 10 through 17 meters on one 24' boom
Magnum 520 - 5el 20 meter on 36' boom
EF-340 / EF-230  -  custom 3el 40 meter / 2el 30 meter on one 30' boom

Eager to hear from those with much wisdom, 
Dennis K7BV

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